More Craftiness

My grandmother is a knitter.  For as long as I can remember she has knit my sisters and I hats, mittens, sweaters, dolls, and blankets.  The blanket she made for me is one of my most favourite things.  It arrived when I went to university, followed me to grad school, into our first home, and now, to England.  It’s the perfect thing to cosy up under to watch a film or to have an afternoon nap.  I don’t have my grandmother’s knitting skills, but I am trying to learn and continue to make progress.  I still prefer baby projects as they knit up quickly and seem to be fairly forgiving.  Mr416expat has requested a scarf which I am happy to say, I have started.  


The Purlbee is a lovely website that has a great combination of crochet, knit, and sewing projects.  The Purlbee is the crafting site for the Purl Soho a fabulous shop in New York that sells beautiful fabrics, wools, and haberdashery.  When we next get back to New York it is definitely on my hit list.  I just finished their newborn kimono project and, having wrestled with bias tape when finishing my last quilt, am proud to say I have won another round against the bias tape.  


Check out the purlbee if you’re looking for fun projects for wintery weather


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