Field Trip – To Kent for the Day

This Sunday I had the absolute pleasure of going hiking with two fellow Canadians.  Unfortunately Mr 416expat got stuck in the office on Sunday was unable to join on this particular adventure.  On the hottest day of the year in London so far my fellow hikers and I met at Victoria station (no small feat as the Victoria line was down for the weekend) and took a 52 minute train journey to Borough Green.  I’d never heard of Borough Green and was unable to locate it on a map.  Wikipedia tells me that Borough Green is a large village with some Roman ruins.  We stopped at the Harrow Inn and Restaurant, a pub roughly 4km into the hike, had a well deserved cider, some delicious lunch and then continued on our way.  We stopped at Ightham Mote and took a peek through the fence at the house, mote (really they spelt it that way) and grounds.   It’s still unclear how Ightham Mote should be pronounced.  Regardless we were corrected everytime we said it.  Our next stop was Knole House, originally built as a hunting ground for the Archbishop of Canterbury.  The house is described as being a calendar house, with 365 rooms, 52 staircases, 12 entrances, and 7 courtyards.  We wrapped up our 15.5km (plus inevitable detours) hike in Sevenoaks and caught the train back to London.  It was a really lovely day!

Way more forest in Borough Green than in London

Umbrella stand or culvert? You decide!

This was perhaps optimistic...good effort though!

Deep into English countryside...not a cafe nero in sight!

Well-deserved break - either 1.5km or 4km into the reading difficulties

Ightham Mote

Nifty tree trunk

There are goats in them there hills!

Bench break

Spot the deer at Knole House

Knole House



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