Making Lemonade out of Lemons 2

While stuck in Salema (see Making Lemonade out of Lemons 1) Jorn’s wife was quite upset to hear of our bad luck, and on getting to her house to pick up keys to our apartment, insisted on taking us for a hike the next day.

My sisters and I are active.  We work out regularly and consider ourselves fairly healthy.  Jorn’s wife, goes for 3 walks per day, two hour long walks, and one 2-3 hour walk.  Every day.  We may not have been adequately prepared for the hike that followed.  Regardless, it was an amazing hike and we saw herbs and beautiful plants growing wild everywhere we looked.

Wild Thyme

Rosemary - this stuff was everywhere and so fragrant!

Almond Trees


Fig Tree

Wild Lavender

Walking down to Figueira Beach

Doesn't that rock formation remind you of pull-apart bread?



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