Making Lemonade out of Lemons

So you may have heard, our trip to Portugal did not go entirely without incident.  In the same breath, if you ever have the chance to go to Salema, Portugal, you must go.  It was breathtakingly beautiful and the perfect place to relax and enjoy the sunshine.

Cape Sagres, Portugal

We had an amazing 6 days in Portugal.  Great food, great time spent with my family, and amazing sights, it was the perfect vacation right up until the last hour before we left for the airport.  The six of us (Mr416expat, myself, my parents, and two of three sisters) packed up the cars to go to the airport, and on a whim, decided to check out one more beach.  While we were taking some fabulous pictures…

Beach near Villa de Bispo, Portugal

Nifty mussels?

Beach near Villa de Bispo

Someone was making off with some importantly relevant (for leaving the country) personal belongings.  This resulted in a visit to the Villa de Bispo police station, some difficult conversations in Portuguese, missed flights, a side trip to Lisbon for new passports, and an extended stay in Portugal for some of us.  Word to the wise, don’t have your passports stolen on a Friday afternoon…you’ll definitely have to wait till Monday to even apply for new ones.

It wasn’t the family vacation I thought I was getting, but it turned into a fabulous opportunity to hang out with two of my sisters in a beautiful country.  If only we could have convinced our third sister to fly in for the weekend.

In true, making lemonade out of lemons fashion, my sisters and I did not want to break the bank while waiting for new passports.  We rented a small apartment in Salema from the same folks we’d rented the villa we stayed in as a group of 6.  Why go back to Salema?  It’s a beautiful place and we felt totally safe and comfortable there.  Our hosts, Jan and his wife, were amazing, providing us with fresh beach towels, taking us on an amazing hike (more on that later), and providing us with a delicious bottle of wine.  While getting robbed stunk, Jan and his wife kept our memories of Salema happy.

Down to the business of food…

Being the enterprising young ladies that we are, we thought we’d save money by buying groceries and making dinner at the apartment, after all, what apartment doesn’t have an oven?

A vegetarian pizza for our vegetarian sister

Sadly there is no oven in our apartment...but there is a sandwich maker!

Cheese leakage was a bit of an issue

Pretty good outcome I'd say...not one of my more picturesque meals though


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