Weekends in London…

Might be a lot like weekends in Toronto.  We haven’t had any trips since early February and have gotten into a bit of a routine.

Wake up and hop on a bus

Head to the West End early to avoid the crowds and run some errands at Liberty

Head to the East End, taking in some weird gas storage tanks and make your way to Broadway Market

Pick up some fresh vegetables, pasta, and meat at the market

Grab some takeaway for lunch from a market vendor

or, if you're like me, a cupcake instead (this one's grape flavoured!)

Head to Violet, a yummy cafe, for hot chocolate and a pastry (if you haven't already had a cupcake or two)

Or to Tina We Salute You, a great coffee shop that cries for Tyrone W to visit

Sometimes you encounter random people in fancy carriages (this was the mayor or some of his peeps...no royalty this time)

Wrap things up on Brick Lane at Aladin, an Indian restaurant with a wild atmosphere

I’ve been in London for six months now.  It doesn’t seem like it’s been all that long, and I’m surprised (and thankful) to have so many local haunts.  I’m looking forward to showing some very special guests around some of favourites later this month!


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