Cotswolds, January 2011

Last weekend we went to the Cotswolds – 1 hour’s drive outside of London, and essentially a caricature of English countryside.  It’s like Walt Disney’s idea of what rural England is like.  Or, if you prefer, The Shire from Lord of the Rings.  In fact, Tolkien was from this part of England and based much of the geography of Middle Earth on the Cotswold villages.  The tree in the photos below is, reputedly, inspiration for the doorway into Moria.

We stayed in a rural cottage (Squirrel Cottage, built 1715); hiked along a country trail past Roman water fountains; went to a farmers’ market; and explored several of these little villages.  So cute it hurts!


2 thoughts on “Cotswolds, January 2011

  1. The stew is simmering and smells wonderful, can’t wait to taste! The Costwolds look charming, so nice to see the snowdrops blooming when it’s minus 16 here.

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