Vacation Planning

Going on a trip from London can be really easy.  Eurostar (the high speed train company) has a slate of affordable city break packages that include train tickets and hotels.  Organizing a trip like this takes about 10 minutes and it’s a straightforward way to see other cities (Paris, Brussels, Bruges so far; Amsterdam and Strausberg are next on the list).

Our last vacation to Normandy took a lot more effort and research to pull together 3 different hotels, 4 different towns/cities, and a car rental.  But it was not really more expensive, and we got a lot more out of the experience by seeing the countryside (as well as several hours of banal, straight French Autoroute).

I’m in process of planning the next trip right now, through the south of France to the Alps, possibly with a detour to Turin.  The best part is the special route we’ll be taking, which has been painstakingly researched by some qualified travel experts.

Here’s an excerpt:


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