Map of the world, 1 July 1964

Last month we went to the Dulwich Modern show, bout only hinted at our spoils.

One of the things we picked up is a 5 foot x 3 foot map of the Cold War world.  I have always found odd maps intriguing, and really got into maps a few years ago when I had back trouble and didn’t have much else to do.  If you’ve for an afternoon to waste might I suggest the world of Strange Maps.

I suggest clicking on the map to open a supersize image and view for yourself:

The world is split into green (NATO powers, the good guys!) and yellow.  There are a bunch of countries that don’t exist any more: Upper Volta, Dahomey, Northern Rhodesia, East Pakistan, and Rumania.  The Russian cities bear their Soviet-era names, of course.  Toronto is the 2nd largest city in Canada (after Montreal), and is smaller than Detroit.  St Louis and Salt Lake City appear on the map of the US, but Dallas does not.

It goes on to categorize the world’s economy (note the Golden Horseshoe)…

…and the World Races!  (not exactly PC!)

Us vs. Them.


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