Getting ready for Christmas

So, we’re not coming home for Christmas.  This is the first time either of us have been completely away from our immediate families for Christmas.  Let alone the fact that Mr416expat has a brand spanking new nephew, fresh home from the hospital, who will be celebrating his first Christmas.  We’ll definitely be missing our family and friends over the holidays!  At least we’ve got skype!

In the absence of family and friends, and my usual stash of Christmas decorations, I wasn’t entirely sure what our Christmas would look like.  Would we have a tree?  Did I remember to pack the stockings?  Will we be able to find a Christmas eve service to celebrate?  The answers have been slow in coming, but we’re making progress.   This weekend we picked up a Christmas tree.  It’s by far the most petite tree we’ve had.  In order to build it up a little, we put it on a box and in a bucket.  Not sure if that gives it any more credibility, but I think it’s cute.

Our Christmas Tree

Realizing we had no lights or decorations, we hit up Argo’s after church and got 160 lights for 12 gbp.  They twinkle and sparkle and are just enough for our little tree.  Argo’s is a very strange store, a combination of consumer’s distributing and lee valley.  You look through a catalogue, write down the codes for the items you want, line up to pay, and then line up again to collect your items.  Odd but effective.

Walking up through Camden Passage we found some beautiful antique decorations.  These are the kinds of decorations I’m pretty sure I broke as a kid (sorry mum!) and definitely didn’t appreciate.  The shop had all kinds, different colours, shapes and sizes.  He even showed us some that were over 100 years old.  Don’t worry mum, I didn’t touch!  We did walk away with a dozen silver balls that were not quite so old but still neat.

With the lights and silver balls on the tree, there was still something missing.  I got out my trusty knitting needles and got crafty.  If you can knit, increase and decrease stitches, you can make Christmas trees – a project just right for a Sunday evening.

A slightly lopsided Christmas ornament

Our tree is topped by a star brought over by Mr416expat’s mum when they visited in October.  Altogether, given we started this weekend with no real idea what our Christmas would look like, I think we’re off to a good start.  Next step?  Figure out if I did pack our stockings and sort out what Church service to check out on Christmas eve.

Our Tree Topper



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