Dulwich Modern Show – 14 Nov 2010

Last weekend we hit the Midcentury event of the year, the Midcentury Modern show in Dulwich (a neighborhood in South London).  We headed south on the Overground network and got there just as it opened.  And just after several hundred people beat us to it:

I’ve never seen such a well-done vintage/midcentury show, ever.  There were 5 large rooms backed with solid exhibitors (I would guess over 50 in all).  Best of all, the pieces were truly quality midcentury.  No Austin Powers vibe.

The crowd was unreal – mostly hip young families and in vast quantity.  We were able to score one of these:

That’s storage, my friends.  About 5×5 feet of it.  Beech.  Came out of a college in Ipswich.  Weighs a ton.

And, as of later this week, the above!

In other news, we were also able to score some Pannekoek: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pannekoek




2 thoughts on “Dulwich Modern Show – 14 Nov 2010

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  2. OH NO! you have confused our two sacred pancake products: Pannekoeken and Poffertjes! What you had were poffertjes. Pannekoeken are like super-sized, super-fortified crepes available with various toppings and served with stroop (a very thick version of syrup that is basically molasses)

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