We’ve been lucky enough to have Mr 416expat’s parents visiting us for the last two weeks.  Although 400 sq feet is a little cosy with four people, we’ve had a great visit and really enjoyed showing off some of our favourite spots around London.  Having them visit has also given us an excuse to try out some of the more touristy attractions.  Here are a few pictures from our night time trip on the London Eye.  I’m pretty sure Mr 416 expat’s parents will have many more to show when they get back to Canada.

view from Westminster Bridge towards the London Eye


View from the Eye looking at St Pauls in the distance


pretty much the highest spot


Waterloo Station


Westminster and Big Ben (the name of the bell, not the tower!)


unsure what building this is, but it had a nifty light show


I think picture taking is genetic (all pictures taken on the trip by Mr 416expat or his dad)


Tomorrow morning we’re heading to Bruges, Belgium for a few days.  We’ll definitely post pictures when we get back and maybe some recipes?


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