I love having visitors!  Last week Mr. 416expat’s parents joined us for a two-week visit.  It’s a little cosy in the apartment flat, but it’s a great excuse to go and see the sights.  On their first full day in London we started the exploration of the West End.

We saw the changing of the mounted guards and their journey down The Mall.

The mounted Guards doing their thing

We hung around Buckingham Palace waiting for the changing of the guard.  And then found out, despite Rick Steve’s information, that they would not in fact be changing today.  Long day for them!

We walked to Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square - please note this picture is from a previous walk when the weather was poor

And Canada House!!!  Please note, how totally awesome the weather is!  It’s sunny!  and Warm!  In London in October!!  The locals inform us this is very unusual but quite welcome.  I’ll say!

Just makes you want to break out into song, eh?

We took in the National Gallery

National Gallery from Trafalgar Square - again note the blue sky!

And saw more of the mounted Guards at their home base.  Please take special notice of the sign.  They have your best interest at heart.

mounted Guard in all his fancy

We walked near David Cameron’s house.  He’s the Prime Minister.  He is surrounded by a very large fence.  He lives on Downing Street, but this is about all you can see.

Downing Street

Downing Street - David Cameron Lives here

We wrapped up the day by going across Westminster Bridge, past Big Ben and Westminster to the Imperial War Museum.  They had a really cool exhibit on the Ministry of Food.  More on that tomorrow!

the London Eye from Buckingham Palace


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