Broadway Market

How do you know if the New York Times travel writer is lying to you?  Send your favorite UK couple a review (“An Oasis off London’s Beaten Path”), and let us test-drive their recommendation.

3km directly to the east of us is Hipster Central – Hackney, in the East End.  The centrepiece of Hipster life here is Broadway Market, a Saturday street market featuring food ingredients, prepared food, and vintage finds.  They have a lasseiz faire attitude towards bike parking and facial hair.  Think a semi-gentrified Kensington Market, but bigger, always pedestrianized, more food focused, and with more (so-hip-it-hurts) young families.  Broadway Market is well off the tourist map but well on the awesome map.

This is our cheese man – we picked up one of the herb-covered wheels on the left, and the white cheese to the right.  Wife will remember what they were called, I will remember they were delicious.



It might be hard to get a handle on how hip this place was from the stall owners, but given the hipster-filter Sony installed on my camera, I couldn’t get any shots of the locals.  Just imagine 1200 Win Butlers walking around buying fancy cheese.



Above, the rest of our booty.  To the quiche and cheeses we also added some hot chorizo and garlic stuffed olives.  Top it off with a GBP5.00 bottle of New Zealand Marlborough and it’s dinner.


3 thoughts on “Broadway Market

  1. The herb crusted cheese was a brin d’amour from corsica and the other was a comte but i don’t know from where. Both were really really good!

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