Chelsea Physic Garden

On Saturday we found ourselves in the Chelsea Physic (not Psychic) Garden, in swanky Chelsea, beside posh Fulham and just under London’s AmericaVilleTM, Notting Hill.  How did we get in here?  Rather than being honest and saying we’re Canadian, I lied about my peerage and told them I was Lord Fizzlebottom the Third.

Actually, it was a 30th anniversary party for the kind folks who helped us find our neighbourhood.  It played out something like a wedding reception, and we had a great time meeting some new people.

But enough about the people and more about the plants.  The garden is basically a collection of stuff around the world that shouldn’t really be in England (from pineapple to coconut to the trillium).  It exists thanks to Mr. Sloane, who liked Important Plants more than most.  On a cold September evening it’s quite novel to walk around and see this stuff actually growing outdoors, even moreso under a blue sky.

Slideshow (click to view):

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