the lonely lidless date jar – sole casualty of the 416 move

In all the chaos involving our move to the UK it was inevitable that something would be broken or go missing.  In the course of our transition to London, we have no fewer than 4 moves, moving for staging the house, movers packing Mr. 416-expat’s belongings for London, storing belongings not making the trip across the ocean, movers packing my belongings for London, and my mini-moves from the house in Toronto, to temporary crash pads before finally joining Mr. 416-expat in London.  In all that madness, I am happy to report that only one thing was lost.

Our Lid-Less Date Jar

Our date jar was a wedding gift from my roommate in undergrad.  She left strict instructions that it and its contents be used regularly.  Its contents paid for many hot chocolate dates, ice cream cones, and the occasional pizza delivery.  Over the last 4 years of our marriage we faithfully added to its’ contents with bottle return money, birthday money, and random loose change.  When I discovered its lid was missing I was quite disappointed.  Maybe it was stuck in some of the paper from the movers?

Never one to accept defeat, Mr. 416-expat agreed to sift through all the papers left by the movers.

Don't let the perspective fool you...this was a lot of paper

Sadly, our date jar will remain lidless.  Despite a valiant effort, a lot of paper, and several trips to the recycling bin, the lid has remained lost.  The only casualty of our move from the 416 to London.  That, and perhaps the many trees that gave their lives to protect our textbooks, cutlery, and other odds and sods which safely made the move.


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