Brighton Rocks

Brighton is 90km due south of London on the coast, directly across from France.  We took a day trip there on Saturday for the whopping sum of GBP15 for two round-trip tickets.  From the picture above, you might imagine Brighton is a tropical paradise, but it felt bloody cold with a stiff wind and a high of 18C.

The beach isn’t made of sand but tiny pebbles.  They are tricky to walk on, but lovely to lay down on.  Like a beanbag chair we burrowed into the beach and snoozed a few prime afternoon hours away.

Yes, they have double decker busses here.  In the background, the sea!

Inside Recipease, another member of the Jamie Oliver Food Empire.  GBP3 gets you a decent takeaway lunch (we had fish and chips instead, but in retrospect should have contributed to the JO fund once again…)

Does the above street remind you of anything you’ve seen before?  Maybe in The Best Neighborhood In Toronto, CORKTOWN???

Brighton is also the sight of the Royal Pavilion.  It looks like the Taj Mahal because it’s modeled after it.  Completely un-British.

It was built as a bachelor pad for the Jon Gosselin of British Royalty, King George.  It’s the Playboy Mansion circa 1785.  Georgie loved it, but subsequent royalty didn’t, and it was sold off to the town of Brighton in 1830.  Interesting fact: it served as a WWI hospital for Indian soldiers, and during WWI about 250,000 Indians were brought in to fight.

Brighton has some amazing antique, vintage, and food markets.  Above some Canadian content.

Also, great coffee.  We stopped at 3 cafes that day, and the picture above is from our favorite, Brighton Coffee Co.

I like the name, and love the sign.

In the evening, tapas.

More Canadian content.

The end!


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