Spitalfields Market

This weekend Mr. 416-expat and I took our bikes to Spitalfields Market.  The market has primarily clothing and food booths and is bordered by fancy shops.  The Spitalfields Market wikipedia article summaries the history of the space beautifully.  The whole space is covered with a massive glass roof.  Helpful as it seems to rain frequently in London.

While there weren’t a lot of food stalls on Saturday it was neat to wander around and check out the crafts, vintage clothing, and other bits and bobs.   I’m still looking for a good food market!  The hunt continues…

While we didn’t find a great food market, we did find Montezumas.  A yummy British chocolate company.  They lured us in with samples of their Orange and Geranium chocolates.  Yum!  I didn’t taste much Geranium, but the chocolate was very tasty!  I picked up some of their Chocolate for Drinking #2, their dark chocolate and chili blend.  We tried it last night, and it’s hot!  They don’t hold back on the chili powder!!

Truffles from Montezuma's

We rounded out the afternoon by grabbing lunch in Brick Lane.  More on that to follow.


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