Baking and British Bureaucracy

People do lots of things to relax after a tough day.  Some have a drink of their beverage of choice, some go for a run, and some, like myself, bake.  After an especially frustrating interaction with British bureaucracy this week I have been doing a lot of baking.

Do any of you remember the Petite Vanilla Scones from Starbucks?  They were ~$0.75 each or 3 for $2.00.  One of those little guys made for a perfect afternoon treat.  They stopped bringing them to Toronto a few years ago but low and behold they still exist in the States!  While in NYC this Summer I came across them in all their tiny, vanilla goodness.

Turns out I’m not their only fan.  Ree from “The Pioneer Woman” also has a deep affection for these little guys.   I found this recipe for Petite Vanilla Scones on her site and thought they would be a perfect solution to my British Bureaucracy induced stress.

My Vanilla Scones

Here are my thoughts on the recipe.  First, this recipe is a great base to start from.  Why not swap out the vanilla and swap in lemon zest.  Lemon scones..mmm.  Or cinnamon, or chocolate?  Second, it’s important to watch the temperature of your ingredients.  I used butter that I’d just brought home from the grocery store.  It was too warm and as a result my scones spread in the oven, instead of poofing up.  When they say chilled butter, it’s for a very good reason!

All in all, a really great recipe!


3 thoughts on “Baking and British Bureaucracy

  1. u guys should set up your blog with ‘authors’ so at the beginning of each post we can see who is writing it. like the parks are doing over at

  2. She’s great eh Pam? Her recipies are great too. She’s a great writer! I hope you’re enjoying your time with miss shelby, I can’t believe how big she’s getting!!

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