Cleaning habits of the bachelor species

Having now arrived in London my, Mrs. Ex-pat’s, first priority was getting the apartment set up and de-bachelored.   De-bachelored?  What would this entail?  Allow me to explain via a conversation we had during one of our many skype chats.

After Mr. 416-expat had been settled in the apartment for approximately 2 months, Mrs. 416-expat asked, “what do you think of the vacuum, should we bring ours over.”

Mr. 416-expat responded, “We have a vacuum?”

Henry the Vacuum


3 thoughts on “Cleaning habits of the bachelor species

  1. How about this one:
    “Brad, we can’t find any hand towels in your apartment. Do you know if there are any in any of the boxes?”
    “What’s a hand towel?”

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