Our “new” kitchen

This is a picture of my old kitchen.  I loved it.  It had a beautiful gas stove, a deep sink where I canned many tomatoes, a dishwasher where I hid many dishes, cold countertops for rolling out pastry and big windows to let in the sun and give me a beautiful view of our backyard.  Granted, it didn’t have the most spacious of countertops, my dinner plates didn’t fit in the cupboards and the range hood didn’t actually vent anywhere, but it was mine (ours), all 100 square feet of it and I loved cooking in it.

Fast forward five months.  We now live in the UK.  100 Square feet is equivalent to 1/4 of our total space in our new flat.  Space is a premium and not much of it was devoted to the kitchen.  Pictured above is my new kitchen.  All 36 square feet of it.  It has definitely less counter space, there’s no gas stove, no dishwasher and no full sized anything (itsy bitsy oven, fridge, and cupboards).   But there’s a dual washer/dryer for all my laundry needs (more on that later) and a beautiful tree outside my window, it’s sunny and bright, and it’s all mine (ours)!  I’m really excited to break in my new kitchen, get it all cleaned and ready to cook!

Mr. 416-expat says I should introduce myself.  I am Mrs. 416-expat.  I just moved in and may be commenting from time to time.  Mostly about cooking.


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