Thank you, HBC

We had a great customer service experience at the Bay last week.

Two years ago, my kind parents bought my wife and I matching luggage – branded London Fog, of all things:

It didn’t take long for a wheel to take a beating on the London cobblestones:

…and thereafter disintegrate completely.

This wheel carnage happened to both of our larger pieces of luggage (on only one wheel each, oddly).  Each of our carryon pieces popped a metal fastener.

We went into the Bay at Yonge & Queen in Toronto with each of the 4 pieces.  After explaining our story, they agreed to fix it all at no charge…even though we didn’t have a receipt.  While turnaround is usually 1.5 weeks, since we were coming back to the UK they let us drop off and pick up at the offsite repair depot directly.

Upside: all 4 were fixed (2 of them on the spot!).  Downside: each suitcase now has three brown and one black wheel.  Result: satisfied.


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