How did you watch Scott Pilgrim?

I’ve been waiting for the new Scott Pilgrim movie to come out for some time.  Not only was it filmed in Toronto, but it is actually set in 416 locales.  And the Toronto SP depicts is the real Toronto that I know, with real ‘hoods (Cabbagetown, Bloor/Bathurst, Casa Loma, Distillery) and real haunts (Lee’s Palace, Second Cup, Pizza Pizza, Honest Ed’s).

They built a building at Front & Cherry for the final scene, complete with cherry blossoms (to snow Toronto finally coming out of the winter that dominates the rest of the movie) .  Here is the set in May/09, complete with fake snow:


  • the drummer, Kim Pine
  • Scott’s roomate Wallace
  • music (mostly by Beck)
  • Scott going ballistic when “#3” says there’s nothing fun to do in Toronto

As much as I liked the movie for how it showed Toronto, I liked it more for what it didn’t show – no iconic CN tower shots, no hockey content at all (does anyone in Toronto actually follow the Maple Leafs?  After 6 years living in Toronto, I say no).

We watched the movie on Screen on the Green in Islington, about a 6 minute walk from out flat.  It’s a true oldschool cinema, complete with luxe carpeted floors, period features inside, and of course a 1930s art-deco bar!  We watched the movie with a pint of Guinness and a glass of Merlot.

Have you seen SP yet?  Its box office numbers aren’t great, but it’s getting rave reviews (currently 88%,


Thank you, HBC

We had a great customer service experience at the Bay last week.

Two years ago, my kind parents bought my wife and I matching luggage – branded London Fog, of all things:

It didn’t take long for a wheel to take a beating on the London cobblestones:

…and thereafter disintegrate completely.

This wheel carnage happened to both of our larger pieces of luggage (on only one wheel each, oddly).  Each of our carryon pieces popped a metal fastener.

We went into the Bay at Yonge & Queen in Toronto with each of the 4 pieces.  After explaining our story, they agreed to fix it all at no charge…even though we didn’t have a receipt.  While turnaround is usually 1.5 weeks, since we were coming back to the UK they let us drop off and pick up at the offsite repair depot directly.

Upside: all 4 were fixed (2 of them on the spot!).  Downside: each suitcase now has three brown and one black wheel.  Result: satisfied.