Out Shopping

Went shopping today and brought my camera.

Banksy to the left (under plexiglass), and Banksy Bagel Bar to the right.

Are these vacuums awesome?

No actually, Miele vacuums are much better.  We have one in Toronto and you can tell it’s a quality piece (made in Germany).  It seems they’re quite a lot cheaper here than in Canada, but that would only be of use if you have UK 240 volt plugs in your house (unlikely).

Seen these yet?  I thought it would work by drawing air in from the back, but…

…instead it draws it in the base, and blows it…

…out this ridge which runs along the outer ring.  It was powerful and quiet, and I would imagine it would be a good idea if you have small children.

The English do not do coffee very well.  Most of the coffee enjoyed savored drunk endured in this country is instant.  Most folks don’t know what a Bialetti is, much less a French Press.  But somehow Nespresso is a premium brand here (???), and the expensive machine/cartridge system has a huge and well-attended display in Selfridges (itself one of the higher end department stores)

If this was mandatory reading maybe England would have made it somewhere this year.


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