Toronto in 3 weeks

Looking forward to a proper haircut:


8 thoughts on “Toronto in 3 weeks

  1. Just saying – these guys know what they’re doing.

    Looking forward to the Pie Shack, Dark Horse, and Betty’s too.

    Also, a certian 68 storey pink granite masterpiece.

  2. i’ve arranged a couple of pie shack dates…also spending ridiculous amounts of time at the dark horse, ed’s real scoop and the beach. awesome. 17 days.

  3. Just be prepared for it to cost a couple bucks more. I was in there last week and it cost me $22. I guess they used the HST as a reason to raise prices.

  4. They’re definitely staying in business. Last couple times I’ve been there all 4 chairs were busy and 4-5 people waiting. They’re renovating a space on Dundas a little further West (but still East of University) to open a second location.

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