Happy Friday w/ Ninja Content

I got this book for free.  I’d offer commentary but it pretty much speaks for itself.

Suggest clicking through the images to the large sizes so you can read the text (might have to click through twice – the wordpress template is good but not prefect). 


  1. Ninjas are mammals;
  2. Ninjas fight all the time;
  3. The purpose of the ninja is to flip out and kill people.


One thought on “Happy Friday w/ Ninja Content

  1. It sounds like you have choices of what to do with this book: (1) Let it casually drop out of your briefcase around the office where people are gathered (2) read it on public transit when you suspect thugs may threaten you or (3) cut 2 eye-holes and pretend to read it while keeping an eye out for Russian spies (the US just shipped them back across the pond)..

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