New season of Top Gear

Stig cake at Sainsbury’s.

Have you seen the new episodes yet?  I’m watching #2 right now…


4 thoughts on “New season of Top Gear

  1. top gear is the shiznit.
    some say that he’s terrified of ducks, and that there’s an airport in Russia named after him…

  2. I would like to note that we saw that cake in early june and the best before date is July 5th. That’s just wrong! No cake should survive that long…even the Stig cake!

  3. I think of the GBP8 it takes to buy the cake, most of it goes into profit and royalties. Consider the preservatives and there’s very little cake in that cake.

    “Some say that he knows 2 facts about ducks, and both of them are wrong… “

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