Barcelona – Day 2 & 3

The day would be cut short as I had a meeting and a dinner to attend (gotta work sometime).  I tried to see some sights in the morning before it got too hot.  But this is Barcelona, and it was already hot: 30C by 10am.  Don’t worry though, by the time I had to don a suit and tie it got even hotter (about 34C).

My first instinct was to see the Barcelona Pavillion, but it was a bit out of the way, and we’ve all seen enough Barcelona chairs before.  My trip would instead be Mies-free.

Fruit market – breakfast was a croissant and fresh fruit drink (note the fruit – grown more or less locally and dirt cheap).  It actually felt a lot like St Lawrence, but less peameal bacon and more chorizo.

Yo dog, I heard you like crowns, so I put crowns on your castle so you could… (you know the rest)

Spainards got symmetry.

Just missed the cable car in this photo.  It was cool, trust me.

Statue of Christopher Columbus.  Anyone care to guess where he’s pointing?

This is what the Mediterranean looks like.  Makes fishermen look better than they really are.

Stray photo of Parc Guell – gives an idea as to how steep the city can be.

I was a little upset that my hotel room didn’t have Mole Star.

One last look at the rooftop pool.

After the business was taken care of, I left Barcelona early to catch my flight back to Heathrow.  I was in the office working for noon.

On the way, I snapped this photo of the Pyrenees, the mountain range that divides France and Spain .  The southern Spanish section is clear, and the range acted like a barrier keeping the clouds from France off:


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