Coming home

I’ll be in Toronto for the next 3 weeks.

You around?  Email/call us!

Snowing yet?


Columbia Road Flower Market

I was thinking about my beautiful wife today when I remembered I had beautiful pictures of some beautiful flowers.

Last time she was here we went to the Columbia Road Flower Market, a place that’s off the beaten path as far as tourists are concerned, but a nice place to see an authentic slice of east end life.  Every Saturday Columbia Road turns into this:

(one of the above photos is professional, one is mine, guess which is which)

The market is mostly staffed by east end types who hustle their wares with Cockney accents.  This is about a 20 minute walk from my house.   Number of socks-and-sandals American tourists in attendance?  Zero.

On with the show:

What’s the better story? Reply in comment section

1)  After a vigorous work-related celebration, a guy comes home on his bike drunk; dismounts while still moving; falls off and irreparably damages new trousers.  Casualties: knee, trousers.

2) After a vigorous work-related celebration, a guy comes home and breaks key off in lock; sleeps in lobby; neighbours provide pillow and blanket; breaks in the next morning via broomstick.  Casualties: Pride, respect from neighbours.

I really hope this is making your day.