The View From Hampstead Heath

I met some friends in Camden Town today.  I was a bit early so I took a trip up to Hampstead Heath, on Parliament Hill to take in the view.

Note the Gherkin:

And the London Eye:


5 thoughts on “The View From Hampstead Heath

  1. You really start to appreciate the green spaces more when you’re living here.

    Also, there is a real park culture here, both at work and away. It’s typical to spend a lunch hour with coworkers, or your entire Sunday afternoon, in a park. Apart from a trip to Toronto Island every year or so it’s a new thing for me.

    Hampstead Heath is more natural vs. Regent’s Park and Hyde Park, and even Highbury Fields.

  2. You know that Toronto actually has more parks than just the island right? I visit East Lynn a few times a week just to hang out. What I’m really saying is London sucks.

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