Doing my part for the G20

I took some expert advice and watched Wall Street last night (the original with Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen).  I remember watching it in high school as part of a law class, we had to write some sort of ethics analysis afterwards.  In retrospect my teacher at the time was pretty cool.

The movie itself if well done and well acted, as true-to-life as a movie of this kind could be, and it generally does a good job of explaining, in both plain english and investorese, what is going on.  I don’t have high hopes for Wall Street 2 but the original is worth a watch, even if you’re an anarchist.


3 thoughts on “Doing my part for the G20

  1. Really? I think I am just getting down on Shia LaBoeuf (sp?).

    The original was really about capturing a time and a place, and even years on the consensus was that it nailed it. Dr Cox from Scrubs is also in the film as Charlie Sheen’s trader buddy.

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