Stuff That’s Way Cheaper in the UK

Hunter Boots. GBP60 here (C$90).

Birkenstocks are GBP30 (C$50), and easy to find.  Of course no one in London would be so unstylish as to wear them but they’re OK pretty much anywhere else on the planet.

Men’s suits are worn in London, a lot.  A lot of professions still require suits to be worn on a daily basis, so there is a large need for suits that are presentable but not expensive.  More demand equals more supply.  You can get a good slim, modern, half canvassed suit for GBP200-300 (C$300-450) that would cost double or more in Toronto at Harry Rosen et al.  Shirts and ties are cheaper (GBP30 for a really nice shirt, GBP20 or less for a tie) and, quite frankly, a lot classier.

Pints. This has already been well documented.


4 thoughts on “Stuff That’s Way Cheaper in the UK

  1. I looked into Brooks saddles actually, they start at GBP50/C$75. Still a little rich for my $10 bike, but not bad, especially when you consider there’s no tax on top of that.

  2. That’s not bad actually, considering in Toronto they retail for ~200 with tax (also depends what kind you get, but not much less than ~150 or so)

  3. Brook’s saddlesd are supposed to be greatm and if I had secure bike parking at work I would consider it.

    I would be happy to pick up a model if you like – you can search Evan’s Cycles, a UK chain. In your hands around Aug 1.

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