Best Bike Lanes Ever *

* this post also known as, “Bike Lanes That Appproach Adequacy”

Bike lanes can be flinty.  They come and go; they appear for a 3-meter stretch then vanish.  Apparitions.

London is doing something different, 12 routes that funnel traffic from the exurbs through the boroughs to the City.  Each one is about 10-15 miles long (!), continuous (!!), and bright blue (?).  2-3 will be rolled out each year until the program is complete, and on my recent trip to Canary Wharf I encountered my first look at part of it in person.

The bright blue coloring confused me at first – existing bike lanes are painted green (picture).  It all makes more sense today, as the official name of these routes came to light: Barclay’s Cycle Superhighways.  The lanes are painted Barclay’s blue.

Apparently Barclays paid GBP25 million for the privilege.  Thanks fellas.

I’m not kidding when I say that I’m militant about cycling, and these Superhighways are central to the cycling revolution I’m determined to bring about.  No longer will pedal power have to dance and dodge around petrol power — on these routes the bicycle will dominate and that will be clear to all others using them.” – Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

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