It’s a Bank Holiday here in the UK, which means banks and government institutions are closed (most touristy stuff and retail is still open, however).

In Toronto I converted my bike from a 5-speed with caliper brakes to a single-speed with a rear coaster brake.  The thought at the time was that one gear could be enough for flat terrain and a coaster brake would work better than a caliper brake in wet weather.  I took the parts from an old CCM Elan and put them together on my Elite, later exchanging the rear 20-tooth cog for a “faster” 17-tooth cog.  It also looks a little like a fixed-gear so I think there is built in indie cred.  Maybe not.

In London this has worked well so far given the 17-tooth rear cog is just low enough to let me climb up Highbury Hill on the way home.  The coaster brake is tested to the max heading down the hill on my way to work.  I’m sure I’m pushing it further than a 40 year old recreational brake should be pushed, but it had been holding up well so far.

Today, 50 meters away from the flat, the whole cog came loose.  It turns out just the c-ring had come loose.  A few minutes in my kitchen with a wooden spoon and a butter knife, and we’re back in business!

One thing about London is that people wear colorful socks.  I don’t know why.  Marks and Spencer has racks and racks of rainbow colored men’s socks, and apparently people buy them:

I’m a navy and grey guy, myself.  Socks match the pants.

Above, ready made pancakes.

When JB’s shirts start going on sale you know his star is fading.


I like his jaunty cap.


4 thoughts on “Monday

  1. I’ve been biking to work now (for two whole days!), and I don’t think my single speed beach cruiser is going to cut it… Thankfully, D has a city bike in her parent’s shed (that has a men’s frame) that I’m going to fix up this week.

  2. More or less… Danforth/Bloor to Sherbourne to College to McCaul (going down) and then McCaul to College to Parliament to Bloor/Danforth. Going down is awesome, coming back is not too bad, I’ve split the uphill in half, and its way easier on the downtown side of the valley! However, that’s not keeping me from checking out sweet new rides 😉

  3. Space Invader kicks butt! 😀 Wishing he came to Toronto – Bansky dropped by a few weeks ago…Have you seen cool Bansky stuff yet over in his native land?

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