I don’t have a twitter account.  If I did I think it would be easier to post a lot more updates especially given blackberry/mobile integration.  And when I get home sometimes I forget what I would have tweeted about, or decide it’s small news and just write a longer post about something else.

A few new Arcade Fire songs have been released ahead of their upcoming album (via Andrew La Fleur, timer of markets and realtor to the stars).  Available here if you scroll down to May 27: .  One of the songs is called “Suburbs” which makes me think of “Subdivisions” and “YYZ”.  I am now homesick for the 905 which isn’t right at all.

EDIT 1 – actually, the new album is called The Suburbs.

EDIT 2 – The car on the album is a mid-70s Mercedes 280.


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