Highbury to Canary Wharf

I took a huge cycle tour on Sunday, starting in Highbury (actually a bit further north from my flat) all the way to the Isle of Dogs, mostly along the Regent’s Canal.  The round trip was 25km, 90% of which was along the canal.  I took the slow cruiser bike rather than my road racer.

500 meters from my flat there’s a building by Daniel Libeskind, the same guy who designed the ROM Crystal.  The building itself is part of London Metropolitan University.  While it’s easy to link this building to the Crystal, it’s actually much smaller and less ambitious.  It’s the Crystal’s Mini-me.

Above, Mini Mini-me.

Typical street iny my neighbourhood, heading down to the canal.

Variation on the theme: a council estate being demolished, going to be replaced by a mix of market rate, market ownership, and subsidized housing.  Mini-Regent Park.

Ramp over the canal, and down to the canal.  To get to work I head up and over; today I’m taking a left to head East.  Bonus: can you spot the Gherkin in this picture?

Gasometer and boats on the canal.  People live in these boats.  You can rent them for about GBP150/month week, about half of what a 1 bedroom flat goes for.

Distant view of Canary Wharf.  The tallest building with the peaked roof is One Canada Square.  At  52 stories it’s the tallest building in the UK.  If it were in Toronto it’d be about #6.

Does stuff ever fall into the canal?  For sure.  Here’s a motorcycle that looks to be recently dredged up.

Getting closer.

Upon arrival, I spent some time (2+ hours!) at the Docklands Museum.  The history of the Docklands is fascinating – the Port of London it survived centuries of change, and a major war, only to be made redundant by containerization by 1980.  Efforts to redevelop the site were controversial, but by all means quite successful.  I’m going to tackle that topic another day.

One last picture to tide you over – a shot of the City of London (old financial district) from Canary Wharf (new financial district).  Click to make it bigger – note the Gherkin and kids playing on the south shore beach.

That’s all for now – stay tuned


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