Given the state of London’s roads (lots of character) my waterproof but otherwise awful seat is just not cutting it.  After debating the merits of a Brooks saddle I went to Brick Lane Bikes to get a replacement with a little more give.

Fantastic Mr. Fox, anyone?

Out back, it smelled like curry.

New & improved.

Retail is organized a little differently in central London – there are no real shopping malls, or even urban equivalents like the Eaton Centre.  I took this picture in the Angel, from a 2-storey open complex that had about 14 stores and a cinema.  Even large stores have small frontage.

The picture above shows Sainsbury’s (orange sign, mid-level groceries), Waitrose (beige facade, high-end groceries) and Marks & Spencer (grey/green facade, mid-level groceries, clothing, and housewares).  When was the last time you saw an A&P, Loblaws, and the Bay all on one street?


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