This is how I go to work

Beautiful day in London – 14C and sunny.

One of the selling points of our new flat is the bike garage and cycle-friendly commute.  It’s about 2 miles / 3km due south on some smaller relatively traffic-free roads, and then some larger city roads with bike paths.

I left a few minutes earlier this morning to document the trip.  Door to door it takes about 15 minutes.  And it’s all downhill!

In the covered cycle garage.  What a beaut!

Gateway to Islington.

Looking south down my street. 5% there.

Now just south of Essex Rd, looking south.  15% there.

Looking south over the Regent Canal bridge (bike and pedestrian only).  30% there.

To the left, the canal.

To the right, same canal.

Just south of the bridge looking south.  40% there.

Looking south (and looking at my thumb a little too). 45% there.

What’s this?  Bike lane?  I’m in.  50% there.

Crosswalk, 55% there.  Note the special cross button:

At cyclist height too – someone was thinking properly when they designed this.

Promised land!  Separated cycle path!  65% there.

Now this is more like it!  85% there.

At work, 100% of the way there.

What do you think?


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