This is what I did on Tuesday

Tuesday night was Canada Blast, a free concert at a record store/event venue called Pure Groove (previously blogged here).

Before heading into the concert after work, I took time for a stroll around Smithfield Market.  The venue was 30 yards from this plaque:

Remember Mel Gibson being disemboweled in Braveheart?  Right here.

Smithfield Market itself from inside PG.


Don’t worry, I was able to find the bar OK.

Mr Plaskett himself!  It was great to see an artist of this calibre in a venue so small.  Poor guy had to buy his own drinks – no one knew who he was until after his set.  If you’re not familiar with Joel Plaskett, hit up CBC Radio 3: , recommend the songs “Through & Through & Through” and “Nowhere with You”.

Rich Aucoin (actually a band, not a person).  Their set was timed to a powerpoint-video show that featured altered footage from “the Grinch who Stole Christmas”.  High energy, and awesome – for sure possibly the crowd favorite.  Music at , and play “At War With The Cynics”

The Rural Alberta Advantage.  These guys were solid, and of the 3 Londoners I spoke to, all 3 had come primarily to see RAA.


3 thoughts on “This is what I did on Tuesday

  1. I prefer ‘Fashionable People’ but that’s what’s great about JP; every human being on earth will love at least one song, but more likely love a bunch.

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