Neighbourhood Tour

Highbury is about 2km north of the City of London [today’s financial district] and 3km north of the River.  It’s serviced by the Victoria Line, which runs diagonally from the Northeast to the Southwest.  It’s handy because it serves as a direct line to the West End which is where all the touristy stuff is (Piccadilly Circus/Oxford Street/Covent Garden/Regent Street/Big Ben).  When most people think of London it’s the West End attractions that come to mind first.  Here’s a tube map.  The Victoria line is in light blue, and Highbury Station is just to the North-East of the map’s center.

Just north of Highbury Station is Highbury Fields (picture above).  Not a giant park like Regent’s Park or Hyde Park, but it’s large enough.  The photo above shows maybe 1/4 of it.

Highbury’s fake CN tower.  You can’t fool me!

Flower shop.

Euphonium Bakery – Ross G. would love this place!


And at the south end, Islington Green, a much smaller park fronting of row-upon-row of restraunts et al.

Further south is the Angel, birthplace of New Labor, and home of Tony Blair.  The Angel is more built-up, with more mainstream shopping (and fewer restaurants).  Three large grocers too.  Angel station is a 5-minute walk from the Green and is served by the Northern Line (the black one).  Angel and Highbury sort of blend in together along Upper Street.


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