We have neighbourhood

Looks like our days of flat hunting were successful, and we have a brand spanking old flat in the Angel, a vibrant neighborhood about 3km/2mi north of the City.

At first flathunting wasn’t what we expected.  Since London is such an expensive city, we started with a bargain-basement budget and went on a tour of some of the most depraved neighborhoods in the east end of London.  At our price point it was just tower-block after tower-block, and while our experience in Toronto included “mixed neighborhoods”, a lot of the stuff we saw at first was downright rough.  I thought I could handle anything.  I can’t.

Our next option was to head to the end of the tube line, where there were more flats in our price range but nothing terribly appealing.  We started to think living far out would be a false economy, with Zone 1-4 tube fares adding up quickly, and the likelihood that we would be out, and therefore have to eat out more frequently.  After having a 20 minute walk to work, I don’t know if I’m going to be a great commuter.

So, we kicked the budget up 10% and a funny thing started to happen – we could afford tiny, unrennovated (but still serviceable) flats in completely awesome neighborhoods.

What is our neighborhood essentially like?  30% Queen West, 30% Leslieville, 20% Danforth, 20% College Street.

And what is it exactly like?  Neighborhood tour coming up, eta this weekend!


3 thoughts on “We have neighbourhood

  1. Congratulations! Looks like you’ll be close to the action and it sounds like a great area. Hope the new flat has room for visitors. 🙂

  2. Still mourning the loss of a gas stove but excited to move in! Larisa – thankfully the living room has a pull-out couch ready and waiting for visitors (and their babies should they also want to visit)

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