St. Helen’s on Bishopsgate, in the shadow of SwissRe’s Gherkin

(only about 40 stories, but it’s beautiful, no?)

Original Banksy in Hackney.  There are a lot of fakes (especially in the City), but this one is a survivor.

Columbia Road Flower Market in Hackney/Shoreditch/Hoxton.  The Queen West force is strong here!

Bet you can’t hold 4 of these.  On the left, a light Belgian lager at 5.2%.  On the right, the girly-looking beer clocks in at 9% alcohol content.  Not for amateurs – mighty powerful stuff.

Recommend you click the picture above and check out the contrasts.  Taken at the canal above Old Street, minutes from Hipster Central.

Lastly, here are some tube cars on a roof – not sure why.  They seemed to be turned into apartments.


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