April 16

I’ve taken a few days off from posting – by accident at first, then circumstance second.  This isn’t an isolated incident.  When someone is able to critique the Guinness at one bar vs another, and at one tap in a bar vs. another tap, you know you’re out of your league.

Another thing I’m starting to adjust to is the tendency for Londoners (or all Brits?) to describe things with pessimism and understatement.  Weather isn’t ever awesome–it’s OK, or all right, or maybe decent at best.

My wife comes to visit in just a few days.  Now that’s all right fantastic.

Bike ride tomorrow!  Should be very exciting moderately okay.

Here’s London’s version of the Big Bop.

One Industrial Grade 1960s Concrete Tower Block, for your viewing enjoyment .

And here’s some really neat street art.

For those of you who partook in “Guess How Much This Cost?”, it was GBP$15.66.


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