Beautiful Day in LDN

It was about 16 degrees and sunny today in the city.  So nice, in fact, that when I went for a walk today at lunch I left my jacket at the office, with my camera and blackberry.  So no pictures of the transformation on Whitecross street (refer to the last photo in this post).

Here’s a random internet picture of what I saw – I had a mean sausage pasta for GBP3.50.

I walked through the Hoxton ‘hood today as well – like London’s Queen West.

Does it get any cooler than free range coffee?

One sign reminded me of C’est What on Front Street in Toronto, one of my favorite bars:

Given the name and signs, they either sell great beer or warm glasses filled with urine.

Part of the reason for my walk was to find a nice pub to have a seat in, maybe a patio.  But today was a sunny day in London (and some townies are seriously lacking in Vitamin D) so everyone was out.  Some places were kind of packed, some were really packed.

They let you take your beer outside here, at one pub in particular people were spilling out onto both sides of the street, pint glasses in hand.  People seem to really drink in pubs more than eat, and for a hungry lonley single guy it just didn’t feel right.

I kept walking to a pub that I thought looked good, and I anticipated may not be packed given its out-of-the-way location.  This is what I found:


I went home with a takeaway burrito instead.


3 thoughts on “Beautiful Day in LDN

  1. Canada’s London doesn’t look nearly as nice as this (it’s snowing again).

    Have you seen any of those shatterproof plastic pint glasses (designed to curb stabbings)?

  2. Snow? Wow, it’s 18 degrees here!

    Apparently it’s real – they redesigned the standard glass to be shatterproof about 10 years ago in response to people getting “glassed”. In the City, sketchier places have plastic glasses but i have not been to one f those places yet.

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