Getting There

After the flight I took a train and tube into the city centre.

When I picked up my main piece of luggage, it had two tags on it: an orange one denoting “priority” (first class!) and another one noting “heavy – 61lbs”.  My carryon must have weighed another 20.

Well, there it is.  So far so good, right?

London’s metro system is the oldest in the world (tube dates back to the 1850s!), and in some ways the system’s age is also a handicap.  Each of my 2 transfers involved a long haul up, and down, a two-storey set of stairs with aforementioned 80lb suitcase combo.  Not ideal:

The 600 meter walk from the last station to the flat did a number on the plastic wheels.  Word to the wise: if your suitcase rolls too quietly/smoothly, come to London and shave those wheels down on some cobblestones!


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