First Class, All The Way

Today I had my first experience with traveling first class, courtesy of my employer (one way only; I expect future crossings will be on my own dime, which means I’ll be with the masses once more).

Generally I don’t find guilded services appealing and before arriving to the airport I wasn’t really that jazzed about flying first class.  That’s because I didn’t know how awesome it was.

  • Seperate line for check-in.  After learning I couldn’t put my ticket through my wife’s Aeroplab, the kiosk person was able to arrange for my Aeroplan account to be opened, given the number of reward miles from the flight was “substantial”.
  • Special check-in procedures in a different line.  So civilized!
  • Sweet seperate lounge with a serve-yourself bar.  I had two rye & cokes and a Perrier while surfing the free wifi.  There was also pasta, fruit, veggies, and a wide selection of wine, booze, and non-alcoholic drinks.  The facilities in this space were also pretty sweet.
  • Late arrival privileges – I was able to board 20 minutes before takeoff (had to soak up the lounge!)
  • A sweet seat-bed on the plane.  Fully reclining!  I was able to stretch out fully and managed to sleep about 5 hours.
  • Special lights on the plane that change color blue-orange-purple to simulate dusk-night-dawn.
  • A fantastic meal – gotta recommend the butter chicken!
  • .
  • Cheese platter.
  • Port + Perrier.
  • Real plates & silverware.
  • More relaxed attitude towards seatbelts & in-flight protocol.
  • Access to another lounge at the end of the flight, where I was able to print out a train ticket.

First class was nice while it lasted – while chances are slim that I will do it again soon, it was definitely more impressive than expected.  Each seat was sort of its own “cocoon” and it would have been impossible to interact with neighbours – just as well, on my flight only 2 of the 12 seats were occupied.

To recap, the flight was awesome, which is good because it’s going to be my last airplane ride for a while.


3 thoughts on “First Class, All The Way

  1. I think my next trip will be in 4-5 months or so…and it won’t be first Class!

    I’m not sure that inter-Europe plane rides really count. Normal course of business!

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