Going to make a move from a town that’s right for me


I’m ditching my area code, my Queen Street address of debatable hipness, and my office.

Luckily, I’m keeping my wife, family, and friends–that’s what really matters, right?  Well, and my bike.  Going to keep my bike too.

Next week I step on a plane and head to a world I’ve only learned about from Mike Myers, Jason Statham and Jeremy Clarkson (…clearly I am not an English Lit major!).  

I’m hoping in the early days this blog can be a way of communicating with my folks back home, as well as give me something to do in the hours I’m not working away in the City.  In the beginning I’d like to make some posts about Toronto, and my personal experience in the city over the past 6 years.  I’ve become really attached to some specific spots in the city and I want to share them.  Toronto might not be a top city to visit, but it’s a great city to live in and has been very good to my little family.  Be back one day.

After the 416 love-fest I’m going to bust out the camera and try to convey what it’s like.  I anticipate lack of a grid system will hit me pretty hard.  Good curries and cheap pints may hit pretty hard too, come to think of it.

Maybe not as hard as living 6000km away from my wife for a few months.  Not ideal.

Interwebs, consider yourself graced with my presence.  Friends, thanks for checking in.



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